Michael Mehmet

Michael Mehmet

Senior Developer


My greatest strength is in being able to analyse a situation and pull together creative solutions by understanding how a wide range of resources work. This means a deeper understanding of the advantages (or disadvantages) of one implementation over another and enough knowledge and experience to be able to roll up the sleeves and problem-solve when necessity dictates.

My preferred working environment is Ubuntu Linux (KDE). I can spin up a new server in my sleep. I can build (have built) my own PHP frameworks, but am just as comfortable using popular frameworks such as Laravel, or exploring new ones such as Vue. In the front end, building Wordpress themes and plugins with tools such as PHP, jQuery and AJAX is second nature. Using tools such as React and jest are not my specialty, but I have enough general knowledge to be able to put together a working solution - just don't me to built you a single-page app! I have a degree in Mathematics and a masters in Cognitive Science and know my way around encryption and deep learning. I built what you're reading, right now.

I also have a strong interest in emerging technologies beyond the working environment and have explored cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and their underlying Blockchain technology as well as created "AI" algorithms, for fun.





2014Startup Leadership Program
2000Macarthur Business Enterprise Centre
Cert. IV - Business Management
1998University of New South Wales
MA - Cognitive Science
1996University of New South Wales
BSc - Science and Mathematics (CS major)

Skills Matrix

Highly Proficient
OOP, Laravel, LAMP, Atlassian, AWS, REST, PSR coding standards and best practices, VPN
Bootstrap, React, Java, NginX, AMQP, Docker, Vagrant, CI, SQL, NoSQL, UAT
Have Used
Python, SOAP, Objective C, Node.js, ElasticSearch, Lucene, Lambda, WAF


Oct 2018 -
Senior PHP Developer, DevOps, SecOps, Head of Integrations
Brought the team up to modern standards: daily stand-ups, code reviews, proper documentation and procedures - including User Stories, Acceptance Criteria, testing, and deployments. Spearheaded integrations with the likes of Klaviyo, Zapier, and Salesforce. Instrumental in eradicating solutions based around quick hacks and raw SQL - focussing instead on more modular solutions which are properly tested and scalable, using microservices and external services such as ElasticSearch, where possible. Also introduced mission critical tools such as Papertrail for logging and Jenkins for deployments, creating a much more robust system which can easily scale up and down as needed and without falling over or losing data.
Laravel, CodeIgniter, React, Node.js, REST, Lambda-based microservices, oAuth, Docker, Vagrant, ssl/bash, NginX, Apache, MySQL, ElasticSearch, Solr, PHP5, PHP7, SMPP, RabbitMQ/SQS/AMQP, phpunit, jest, Jenkins, Papertrail, Slack, Postman - including API documentation, Atlassian suite, AWS, VPN, PHPStorm
Loyalty Corp
Dec 2016 - Oct 2018
Senior PHP Developer, DevOps
Primarily using the Laravel framework, working on both the flagship eWallet product as a back-end developer, as well as heading and maintaining the Engagement platform, which is utilised by eWallet as well as directly by Loyalty Corp clients, as a full stack senior developer and operations manager. Both products involved managing AWS resources and assets as well as code reviews and deployments to testing, UAT, and Production resources. The latter also required building a front-end for management of the Gamification projects used by Engagement clients – allowing self-service solutions for building and maintaining Rules, Rewards, Tiers, etc – as well as a Single-Sign-On solution, a Wordpress plugin, and even an iFrame solution for delivering in-app content using JS and Amazon S3.
Laravel, Lumen, jQuery, Angular, Bootstrap3, Bower, Gulp, REST, SOAP, GraphQL, CORS, oAuth, JWT, ssl/bash, NginX, MySQL, DynamoDB, PHP7, Node.js, SQS, phpunit, Vagrant, Docker, Papertrail, Slack, Postman, Wordpress plugin development, JIRA/Confluence/Bitbucket/etc, AWS, VPN, PHPStorm
Zib Digital / Zibit
Dec 2014 - Dec 2016
Senior Web & App Developer, IT Administrator
Full Stack Senior Developer, working across teams in both Melbourne and Adelaide. Directly liaised with stakeholders ranging from clients to external developers to service providers, ensuring smooth delivery which matches expectations as well as limitations of scope. Managed servers and databases and also the company's internal IT systems. Due to noteworthy eye for design and creative flair, consulted on projects in need of a new look or "jazzing up" - occasionally, completely rebuilt website from the ground up. Managed and developed both web and native mobile applications, managed dev team and external developer assets, as well as private git repositories. Implemented REST API services, managed and deployed AWS assets, administered linux-based servers, including MySQL-based databases. Developed and implemented bank-level security practices for a FINTECH application with major Australian banking partner. Introduced new collaboration tools, such as Slack and Basecamp. Delivered VPN solution to allow secure access to sensitive data, outside of the office and trained staff how to set up and use it.
HTML5, CSS3, Java, Objective C, Javascript, jQuery, oauth, ssl/bash, Apache, MySQL, PHP5, git, cpanel, composer, Wordpress plugin development, Google API, GIMP, Slack, Basecamp, PHPStorm, xCode, Android Studio, VPN, Google/Apple app stores, AWS
Mehmetech Pty Ltd
Jan 2013 - Nov 2014
Senior Developer, Webmaster, Systems Administrator, Database Manager, Lead Designer
Lead front and back end developer, working with front end design team on eLEDGER product. Managed both production and development servers, including database design, security and administration of internal/external access. Managed customer data, feature-rich billing and payments system, as well as cloud-based collaboration tools. Oversaw management of Sales and Support enquiries, including maintenance of customer self-help knowledgebase and associated tutorial system. Developed mobile app on both iOS and Android platforms to bring fully integrated products into both iTunes and Google Play app stores, complementing the existing mobile device integration of the web UI. Delivered oauth implementation of Google, Outlook, Exchange, and Yahoo APIs.
Java, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, cron, mailer daemon, git, oauth, ssl/bash, Apache, MySQL, PHP5, PEAR/Imagemagick/fPDF, xCode, Android Studio, Wordpress, GIMP, Libre Office
Mic Mehmet Computer Services Pty Ltd
Feb 2009 - Jan 2014
PHP Developer, Systems Administrator, I.T. Consultant
Systems design and troubleshooting for SME customers, with particular emphasis on (front end) multi-platform compatibility and accessibility, as well as (back end) process work flow. Worked both as part of dev team and sometimes solo, including patching of legacy code.
CodeIgniter, HTML4, CSS3, AJAX, XML, SOAP, JSON, Javascript, IIS, ssl/bash, Apache, MySQL, PHP5, Photoshop/GIMP, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, git, cpanel
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